“Precise spinal reformation through minimally invasive therapy”

KyformTM Reformation System is designed to benefit patients with osteoporotic or cancer induced Vertebral Compression Fracture (VCF). Through a minimally invasive procedure KyformTM system can stabilize the fracture and consequently restore the vertebral body height and spiral alignment, thus reducing back pain.

• Defined marker band on the shaft help to identify the proper advancement and placement of the balloon

• Bone marrow needle tip design for accurate channel creation prior to balloon insertion

• Symmetrical balloon shape and atraumatic tip contribute to ideal balloon expansion and cavity formation without consequent damages of vertebra wall’

• Ideal front-opening filler tip for targeted cement placement in the vertebral body

• Individually packaged components for single use

KyformTM kit components

2 x Balloon catheter
2 x Balloon expander
2 x Bone marrow needle
2 x Guidewire
2 x Access Cannula
1 x Bone Drill
1 x Bone Cement Filler